Thursday, September 29, 2005


After the confirmation, I wonder if those Abu Ghraib photos may not be published with Roberts on the Bench, if it goes that far.

Well, he didn't say too much but, he got 23 Dems to vote for him. We'll have to wait and see. Who knows. He seems like a really nice and thoughtful guy.


Blogger justme said...

Roberts doesn't seem like a wacked out right winger - yet. I find him more palatable than the lady Bush nominated today. I know that a lot of people are worried about RoevWade - but I am finding myself more concerned about human rights.

1:45 PM

Blogger justme said...

Gosh, I do not know much more about Harriet Mier than I did two days ago. I find it amusing, however, that some conservatives are doubting her authenticity as a narrow conservative. I am wondering if that is a smokescreen to try to lull opposition into a false sense of security.

As far as Roe goes - I cannot see it being revisited (of course that is not to say that a new case could come across the bench). But why would the conservatives want it overturned? I am guessing there were a lot of one issue voters in the last election. If that issue is resolved then is there any guarantee that those one issue voters will stay with the GOP?

7:56 AM

Blogger Ben Hamilton said...

well, I don't think there is any danger with Roe. After all, why would the rich want any more (this is going to sound bad) poor black, white and hispanic people around? I don't think Bush and the rest of the leadership in the GOP have any interest in outlawing abortion. It's just their hold for power.

5:43 AM

Blogger justme said...

Goodness Ben, your comment about the rich not wanting anymore poor people around echoes of Bennett. I understand your point though - I agree that they would not risk losing any of their political base.

5:33 PM

Blogger Ben Hamilton said...

Bennett was on my mind when I last posted. But, I do think the rich couldn't care less about the poor, and the fewer of them around, the better.

Here's what I think about Mier, I think Bush was just sick and tired of the right wingers telling him what to do and he was going to nominate whoever he damn well wanted and to the hell with the base. They're just white trash anyway.

5:22 PM


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