Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Holy shit......check this out!

".....Italian reporter gives Niger yellowcake story to White House because CIA rejects it"

Unbelievable! These guys are really crazy.

Looks like what is being called "Fitzmas" is coming true!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Please, please, oh please, let it be true!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wow! With so much going on with the Bush Administration, I almost want to go back on my word and no talk about God, but I shall, keep my word!

So I was talking about my relationship with God and how I didn't really think that I ever had one. I grew up Catholic. My parents made me go to Sunday School. I HAD to go to my 1st confession, which I hated. My brother, Matt, was my confirmation sponsor. I was an alter boy. I was made to do all those things that a person who is going through "the ritual" was supposed to do. I even remember my priest telling my parents that out of all of my brothers and sisters, that I would be the one most likely to be a priest. I am so glad that didn't come to pass.

I've always looked for a higher purpose in life. The life that I was living couldn't be it. There had to be a purpose, a reason. Don't get me wrong, my life was fine, and I would say "normal." In fact, I was lucky. I got to be the one out of my siblings to go to Europe. I was the one to get the 1st car. But, that still didn't do it for me. The wheels in my brain were always looking for something.

I think the most beneficial thing for me was when my parents got divorced. Yeah, that fucking sucked, but it set a stage of events that have sent me on a path of personal "growing up." Why in the hell would God allow this to happen to our family? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we're all supposed to have free will, but that still doesn't answer the question. This happens ALL the time. Where is God? In fact, those so-called "miracles" don't even happen all that much. I am to believe that God is up there with a little wand and decides to tap some random sole and "cures" him and then proceeds to allow thousands to die in an earthquake or a damn hurricane? Does God really care about us or is he really impotent? And if God is impotent, or doesn't care, and he can't, or chooses not to, intervene in our events, then he can't posibily exist or is a major asshole. He wouldn't have been able to, or chose, not to "put" a soul into our body when we were conceived.

Now, I'm not saying that God doesn't exist, even though it seems I'm saying that in the last sentence I wrote. I think, though, I can safely say that he hasn't ever exerted himself in my life. Now, I don't feel empty. I have a ton in my life. I'm lucky. And, maybe that's what it's all about: luck and playing the cards is luck.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

So, I've been thinking a lot about God lately, and my relationship with God. I've come to a conclusion. I really don't have a relationship with God. It's that I don't want to have a relationship with God. I've never really had the need to have a relationship with God. In the next few posts, along with the news and politics, I'll talk about God and religion. Then I will have successfully labeled myself as a "bad date" in talking about the things that I like to talk about more than anything when I'm not supposed to on a date. Maybe that's why I'm single!?!?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

For all you scared to death of saturated fats clogging your arteries, read this.

So..............things are becoming confusing. Libby, releases Miller from confidentiality and now, Rove is going in front of the Grand Jury in the Valerie Plame case for the 4th time?

Hummmmm.....! I definately wouldn't like to be in the White House right now. And another hummmmmmm.....! THe terror alert was raised in NYC today on a credible threat. What was the threat? Mess with the Bush Administration and we'll attack America, again?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Yep! I knew it. Torture was more widespread than just "a few" that the administration stated. I'll bet once those new Abu Ghraib photos get released we'll know that it was common practice for the soldiers to torture Iraqis. What do you expect when the command comes from the top?

Read this:

Saturday, October 01, 2005

So who is it? Rove or Libby or both or more?

This whole CIA leak thing is crazy. I don't know what to think.